Since the start in 2008, the members in the Swedish band Stormhold had high ambitions.

Before 2015 they bring two demo's, a brutal music video with the self-titled song Stormhold and they shared the scene with great Swedish bands like Electric Boys, Hammerfall, Raubtier, Crash Diet and Bullet. Another video was released in October 2014. This time it was a new song, Fear Your Death, they choose to make a video off and it is brutal.

Stormhold's heavy power metal, with both a touch of Swedish folk music and the classic hard rock we all listen to and enjoyed during the 80's, is strong, energizing and joyful. Stormhold's presence on stage and contact with the audience is high, which makes them a highly appreciated live band.

After some changes with a few members, Stormhold have now found the right ingredients for success.

2015 is the year of Stormhold.
The Spanish record company Art Gates have signed the band. Which means that a full album have been released this summer and a minor tour with gigs all over Europe upcoming year is being planned.

2016 Stormhold will conquer the world
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